Guys/Ladies – Can You Marry A Lady/Guy Older/Younger Than You?

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Marriage is a union of two or more people that creates a family tie and carries legal, social, and/or religious rights and responsibilities.

It doesn’t matter. Age is just a number. All that matters is that they love each other. A lady can marry a man who’s older or younger than her. A man can also marry a woman who’s older or younger than him. What really matters is that they love and understand each other.

For some guys, marrying a lady who is older than they are is a big no cause it might lead to contempt while others believe age doesn’t matter….age is just a number.

Age is not a factor for love, maturity and understanding. Who needs a ‘cry baby’ around him when someone who
can handle situation is there?

To the polls,

So let’s ask the guys;

Now let’s ask the ladies,

Here’s what Psychology Today has to say concerning “The Case for Men Marrying an Older Woman“.

Bold Sky has said this “Reasons To Marry An Older Woman. Things You Should Know“.

What’s your opinion on this subject, comment below.

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  1. Ogundele Michael olakunle

    There is nothing wrong in a guy marrying a lady is older than her, yes gap shouldn’t be too much, once there is love, understanding it is good

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