Would You Rather Marry The One You Love Or The One Who Loves You?

Would You Rather Marry The One You Love Or The One Who Loves You?
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Love is beautiful, it feels good to love or to be loved. So the question is “Would You Rather Marry The One You Love Or The One Who Loves You?

Below are the answers on this subject;

Jack Trey, NLP Practitioner

I love this question, because I believe that there will always be one partner in the relationship who loves the other more. That gap could be big or small, but I believe it’s there.

The answer boils down to which of the two you value more

  • Loyalty and Control OR
  • Emotional Satisfaction

The truth is that the person who loves the other person more in a relationship will be more loyal and easier to control by the other person.

There’s nothing wrong with this, if the other person does right by them.

On the other side, the person whose deeper in love feels much better. They are happier, warmer, and more caring.

This is great as well, if that’s how you naturally are.

For me personally, I’d have to go with someone who loves me more, because I believe they’ll be more longer term. Loyalty is everything to me, and I love people who are loyal.

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Pooja Kulshrestha
I would rather marry a person who I love because for me, love doesn’t come naturally to just about anything as far as relationships are concerned.
Besides, to me, true love is the love that you can give to your partner and not the one that you get.
So basically it depends on who you are and knowing yourself well.
Jules Y, B.A Chinese & Media, Hunter College
why would you marry the person who YOU do not love? In the end you are not going to happy…because you might realize that you only married the person out of pity…or for some other reason. If you marry the person that you love however (and if it is mutual), then ideally, it should lead to a much happier marriage.
Shannon Chai

However, if you marry the person who loves you, likewise, there is no guarantee that the amount of love he has for you will never change. Just like how a boyfriend could cheat on a long term partner just because he has gain a new love interest, the “person who loves you” may also find that his love for you has fade away.

In conclusion, just follow your heart and marry whoever you think is right for you because there will always be that special someone who is meant for you.

What’s your thought on this, comment below.

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